Mood swings according to the colour of the floor

-Floors with yellowish-beige colour

The yellowish-beige colours are warm, cosy and create a sense of optimism and tranquility.
The floors with oak, beech or maple designs make a dark room cosier.

-Floors with redish-orange colour
These floors give a cosy sense in the room. This colour often matches with impressive yellow accessories.

-Brown floors
A brown shade, especially on floors, reminds us our connection with the earth. In comparison to the walls it must remain always in the background. Brown is consisted of many other colours and this means that it can be combined with a variety of colours. Brown is not a dull colour. It is friendly and appropriate for indoor spaces, when the light in the room is enough and brings out the brown shade. In some indoor spaces , we can combine additional colours for the floor and the walls, to create antithesis. In other cases, a combination of tones is preferrable.

Dark or light colours can be combined to create harmonious and tranquil effects.

Popular wood today
Light-coloured and grey shades create tranquility and brightness, relaxation and serenity. In particular, our role model are Scandinavians, who are obliged to face long and melancholic winters,without important climate changes.