Interior design advices

Colours define mainly the mood of your interior space. It is important to choose the right combination of colours. The colours, the light and space affect each other in a great scale.

The colours of the floor, ceiling and walls have an important visual effect on how you experience a particular space. You can make a room appear bigger, smaller, more spacious, more narrow, deeper higher,brighter and cosier depending on your needs. You can always find a solution to match harmonically with your space…

Which colours to choose for the floor?

You choose a particular floor not only for practical reasons but because you like a particular colour. While choosing the colour of the floor you should keep in mind the whishful result and the effect of the other objects or colours in the particular space. The effect of this combinations has more to do with the whole that each element offers. Every room is different and requires a special approach.

Bright colours make a room look bigger while dark colours make it look smaller.

Bright-coloured floors

If you have a dark room that you want to light up you must choose a bright-coloured floor.

Bright-coloured floors reflect light, so your room will become brighter and visually bigger. Bright colours express clarity, serenity and create a tranquil environment. In combination with the cold colours of the walls you create a subtle effect.

The whiter the floor,the colder the atmosphere in a room. Dark furniture and bright-coloured floors are a nice match.

Dark floors

Dark floors are an ideal basis to create antithesis. They can be combined perfectly with walls in bright colours or with other dark colours to create impressive highlighting. You should avoid cold white and you should choose something more like off-white or pearl.

You can make the space more vivid by adding colourful accessories. Many dark colours will give a sense of darkness.

You can create a spacious effect by combining a discreet and bright-coloured floor with bright-coloured walls. The brighter and colder colours will make the room look bigger. Darker and warmer colours will make a room look smaller.

The combination of the colours with the skirting board is also important. The floor appears to be biggen at width, when the baseboards are the same colour with the walls. And the opposite is true, when the baseboards are a different colour to the walls the room seems smaller.

In a neutral floor, do not be afraid to use furniture of wenge or walnut. Also, the white varnish is a very attractive choice for furniture.