The solid oaken parquet t flooring, manufactured by Xylopak S.A., is supplied with thickness of 10/14/21 mm, length between 300-1800 mm and width of 50/70/90/105/120 and 130 mm. With a 10 mm wear layer, the parquet flooring, manufactured by our company, has a great life span, as it can be scrubbed several times.
The semi-solid parquet flooring flooring consists of two layers, with a durable wooden surface which can be scrubbed several times and it is available in a great variety of colours, dimensions and qualities. The surface is covered with oaken solid wood, 3/3.4 millimeters thick and the substrate is made of birch wood 10 millimeters thick, length between 500 mm-2200 mm and width of 130 mm / 150 mm / 165 mm.
The semi-solid parquet flooring is a modern, practical, beautiful and economic solution to renovations and new constructions.


Hardwood flooring is a natural product and it reacts It reacts from a hygroscopic view to the changing conditions of the environment. The wood absorbs water vapours from the environment and when the room humidity increases, then the wood expands, or when the humidity decreases, then the wood contracts. This can affect the shape of the wooden flooring and therefore a lot of fissures may appear, when the humidity remains too high or too low for a long time period. The most difficult time period is during winter, when the humidity greatly falls. In this case, it is good to maintain the desired humidity. Moreover, the air-conditioned rooms often have quite low-levels of humidity.