Production stages

Solid Parquet

The wood must undergo some various procedures before it can take its final appearance.

The stages are the following:



It is absolutely necessary in any case, especially if it is about solid wood for outdoor constructions.
The wood is placed in outdoor spaces, in heaps with segregate cubits among the boards, so the air can go smoothly through them. The drying lasts about 5 to 8 months.



In this case the drying is done in specially formed chambers, controlling the circumstances of drying. The wood is placed in piles with segregate cubits among it ,and in this case, without letting the air pass. The rise of the temperature is done gradually and the humidity is controlled with steam spray and fan ventilations.



Using the advanced mashines which we possess, we edit the boards which have undergone eithet natural or artificial drying and we produce solid wooden flooring.



The segregation in qualities is done in rigorous criteria, it depends on the waters of the wood ( flat cut or quarter cut), on the existance of knots or not, as well as on the colour.