Solid flooring

All time great floors with a modern tack

The solid oak parquet is the most popular wood both in the Greek and in the global market. Xylopak produces solid wooden floors made of European oak, in fair hue with great variety depending on the dimensions. The quality of the product has nothing to do with the endurance of the wood, the processing or the raw material but it is important for its appearance.

The solid wooden floors of fair or dark hue, with knots or not give credence to classic or modern and definitely noble and warm profile to professional venues or houses.

- Endurance to hard use.
- The insulating attribute.
- Easily combined with all styles of furniture.
- Easy to be cleaned.
- Affordable maintenance.
- Boosts the value of the house since it is considered a luxury material.
- It is not a slippery material.
- It is ideal for houses,professional venues, children's rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and sports places.
- Environmentally friendly, recyclable material.